September 14, 2020


Operational contacts

FMCC Director (DAM, the French maritime affairs directorate)
Célia Monamy
celia.monamy at

FMCC Deputy Director (DGAC, the French civil aviation authority)
Isabelle Bazer-Bachi
isabelle.bazer-bachi at

FMCC Operations Manager
Florian Boularan
fboularan at

CNES contact
Representing France on the Cospas-Sarsat programme
Bruno Chazal
bruno.chazal at
TEL: +33 5 61 27 48 93

Project Contacts (France and SAR Galileo)

Cospas-Sarsat Project Manager (CNES)
Laure LUNO
laure.luno at

SAR Galileo Project Manager (CNES)
Chiara Scaleggi
chiara.scaleggi at
Tel: +33 5 61 27 38 56